Of course there are many Hello Kitty pens created over the years, but none has truly done proper justice to this iconic mascot that has been loved and adored by ladies of all ages and ethnicities globally since its birth some 40 years ago… When Hello Kitty meets Kaweco, what ensues is this beautifully designed and crafted “Kaweco x Hello Kitty” Limited Edition Fountain Pen – an exquisite writing instrument!

Starting from the choice of colour, design, material, adorning trim and packing, utmost attention to details has been given to curating and creating the “Kaweco x Hello Kitty” Limited Edition Fountain Pen. Embodied in Kaweco’s most popular Sport Series, this Opal colour fountain pen is made of aluminium, with its component parts precision CNC turned. The “Kaweco x Hello Kitty” logo is subtly branded in shadow engraving on the cap, using the delicate process of deep laser engraving on the raw aluminium cap, followed by carefully calibrated anodization, resulting in even filling of the Opal colour inside the cavities of the engraved characters, producing the desired subtle shadow effect. Finally, the anodized pen components underwent a sandblast process to produce a unique matt finish surface. The process of anodization provides robustness that ensures a long lasting new and fresh appearance of the pen, which is appropriately accentuated by a gold/silver trim – nib, logo on the cap top and a detachable nostalgic clip.

At the heart of the limited edition fountain pen is its 24k gold plated/stainless steel nib made by Jowo, the leading nib maker in Germany and arguably the best globally. The adorable face of Hello Kitty is mechanically stamped onto the nib, leaving an unmistakable impression. The choice of Jowo made nib ensures smooth, enjoyable and enduring writing pleasure.

Last but not the least, injustice will be done if the “Kaweco x Hello Kitty” Limited Edition Fountain Pen is not properly clothed in what it deserves – it is presented in a silver Kaweco Tin Box, wrapped in a beautifully designed sleeve where Hello Kitty crowns Kaweco with its iconic ribbon, in recognition of the ingenious design and work by Kaweco.

Produced in limited quantity, the “Kaweco x Hello Kitty” Limited Edition Fountain Pen will no doubt be a highly sought after collectible item for adoring fans globally! 


Order yours now while stock lasts!


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