Hello Kitty, the timeless symbol of cuteness and charm, celebrates her 50th birthday with a delightful collaboration between Sanrio and Kaweco. To honor this milestone, we proudly unveil the "Kaweco x Hello Kitty" Limited Edition Fountain Pen in enchanting shades of Pink and Lilac – a celebration of Hello Kitty's enduring legacy and Kaweco's exquisite craftsmanship.

Every detail of the "Kaweco x Hello Kitty" Limited Edition Fountain Pen, from color selection to design intricacies, has been meticulously curated. Crafted as part of Kaweco's esteemed Sport Series, this pen is made from high-quality materials, showcasing a perfect blend of form and function. The Pink and Lilac hues add a touch of playful elegance to the pen's design, capturing the essence of Hello Kitty's joyful spirit.

The pen features the iconic "Kaweco x Hello Kitty" logo, delicately engraved on the cap using a precise laser technique. The nib, crafted by Jowo, Germany's premier nib maker, boasts Hello Kitty's adorable face, creating an unmistakable impression with each stroke. The choice of a Jowo-made nib ensures a seamless and enjoyable writing experience, making every word a delight to pen down.

To complement its exquisite design, the 'Kaweco x Hello Kitty' Limited Edition Fountain Pen Set is elegantly presented in a silver Kaweco Tin Box, adorned with a beautifully designed sleeve. Here, Hello Kitty graces Kaweco with her iconic ribbon, symbolizing the perfect blend of two beloved worlds – Sanrio's enchanting universe and Kaweco's exceptional craftsmanship. This exclusive set not only features the meticulously crafted fountain pen but also includes a charming Hello Kitty keychain, allowing you to carry a piece of her charm wherever you go. Additionally, the set includes a selection of Hello Kitty stickers, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your notebooks, letters, or personal items.

Produced in limited quantity, this exclusive fountain pen is not just a writing instrument; it's a cherished collectible that encapsulates the magic of Hello Kitty's 50-year journey. Embrace the spirit of friendship, joy, and creativity as you write your own delightful stories with the "Kaweco x Hello Kitty" Limited Edition Fountain Pen – a true testament to the enduring charm of Sanrio's beloved character.


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