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About Pen&Tool

Good day! Welcome to Pen & Tool.

We are Louisa & Helen, the founders of Pen & Tool. With over 10 years of experience in the stationery industry, we have transitioned from the wholesale business to designing and sourcing unique products from around the world, which we now sell directly to you.

While chain stores and big shops were once our clients, they are now our competitors. Over the years, we have learned that their high commission and prices are not solely driven by profit motives. Rather, their inefficiencies play a significant role. With their large size and multiple layers of separation, each layer adds cost and inefficiency. Additionally, traditional marketing methods can be extremely expensive. These factors alone can account for 30-50 percent of the product's cost.

At Pen & Tool, we are doing things differently. We are a small team that ships directly from our favorite factories to our warehouses in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and ultimately to you. By eliminating middlemen and unnecessary layers, we bring down the cost. This benefits not only you but also the environment.

Unlike the big shops, we act swiftly on ideas, delivering unique and cool products. Think vibrant colors, limited editions, expert craftsmanship, and distinctive finishes. If you are familiar with our collaboration works with Kaweco, such as Rose Gold, Lagoon Blue, Serenity Blue, Rose Quartz, and Lilac, there will be more to come. So stay tuned, as they might speak to you!

Find what you love, order it online, and we will deliver it to your home. We believe in keeping things simple.

Thank you for visiting Pen & Tool!