We are glad to announce that Pen & Tool have secured the last 20pcs of this little gem: Kaweco LUXE SPORT Ballpoint Pen, from Kaweco and the expected available time is around late May to early June!


The bad news is that these pens are literally the last 20 pcs as LUXE SPORT has been discontinued. We were a bit reluctant to bring in pens in such a limited quantity initially since we would need to do all the same work as regulars, e.g. taking pictures, promotion, etc, but only small numbers are available for sale. Nevertheless, after having seen the real thing, we are sold...


The black acrylic body and gold-plated trims give this pen a beautiful vintage look. The acrylic is very nice to hold and feels warm in the hand. The Sport pens from Kaweco are known for their simple, elegant and modern design, and it is a surprise to see with all these little details on LUXE SPORT, the pen looks and feels completely different than the Classic/Skyline/AL Sport!


The only downside of this pen probably is the price as implied by its name, LUXE SPORT: Luxury version of Sport, made by the same material as ART Sport and with a built-in gold plated brass clip which adds convenience and some more weight to the pen, these upgrades and the limited quantity maybe outweigh the cost for Kaweco fans like you and me.

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