Acquired and collected some time ago, the Kaweco Magnetic Silver Rollerball Pen (“Magnetic Silver”) is one of Penandtool’s prized collections.  Made of ABS, with metallic finish and a never-seen-before Kaweco copper trim (hot-stamped Kaweco logo and cap top logo coin), the Magnetic Silver will no doubt be a highly sought after writing instrument for the discerning users and collectors alike! The metallic properties in the ABS result in a finish with veiled wavy and random flow lines and patterns, making every surface discreetly unique, as if magnetic and metallic properties are at play.  The Magnetic Silver is reminiscent of the iconic race car Aston Martin Blue colour.  Match it with a Kaweco Nostalgic Bronze Clip, the Magentic Silver will be a much envied everyday carry in your pocket.

The Magnetic Silver comes with a G2 rollerball 0.7 mm black refill.  It can easily be transformed into a ballpoint pen by exchanging the refill with that of a G2 ballpoint, making it a versatile pen to suit your different daily writing needs. Limited quantity is available, acquire yours before stock runs out!


Order yours now while stock lasts!



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