When the Kaweco Midnight Green Limited Edition Fountain Pen project (“Kaweco Midnight Green”) was conceived, it was decided that it had to be significant and of impact, given that it was going to be the last regional special colour collaborative effort sanctioned by Kaweco officially. Significance and impact, not so much the quantity but the colour, material, production and technology.  Two batches were made, each with discreet differences, while maintaining the same colour tone and effect.

The first batch produced utilised, among other things, deep laser engraving followed by anodisation to produce what is called the shadow engraving effect of the Kaweco Logo.  The second batch produced adopted a different and highly delicate process of double anodisation, resulting in a laser engraving like effect of the Kaweco logo in black colour on the cap of the fountain pen, giving a different mystique to the midnight green colour.

Due to popular demand, the first batch is almost sold out and we are delighted to release the second batch to meet ongoing demand and interest.  Contrary to common belief, the Kaweco Midnight Green was not prompted by a new colour of a popular smart phone, it was in fact inspired by the natural wonder of aurora lights – midnight green – projected throughout the Arctic and Antarctic skies.  It is timely and just, therefore, to name the second batch of Kaweco Midnight Green the “Aurora Limited Edition”.

The Aurora Limited Edition Fountain Pen, like its predecessor, is of matt finish and accentuated by an all-black trim: PVD plated black stainless steel nib and black Kaweco logo coin on the top of the pen cap.  The PVD plated black nib, available in sizes of EF, F, M, B and BB, is of diamond like robustness, assuring long lasting writing. The logo “Kaweco AL Sport” is subtly branded using double anodisation, resulting in a black colour laser engraving like effect on the cap.  Finally, the anodized pen components underwent a sandblast process to produce a unique matt surface finish.

The Aurora Limited Edition Fountain Pen, presented in an iconic Kaweco black tin box, comes with a Kaweco Nostalgic Black pen clip and a black ink cartridge to get you started writing right away. The tin box is wrapped with a sleeve specially designed for this highly collectible Kaweco Limited Edition Pen.


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